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AGI mobile are leaders in their field of all 12v and 24v entertainment systems with experience and ongoing projects fitting entertainment to private vehicles, coaches and buses. The installation of these products is sometimes referred to as In Car Entertainment or ICE.

A common misunderstanding is that upgrading your in car entertainment is for young men with over loud stereos… this could not be further from the truth! It is anything that provides you with pleasure whilst you drive: radio, CD, video, TV, games console, iPod connection, Bluetooth streaming or wireless internet.

The vast majority of our customers are happy with the general standard of their cars audio sound and so are simply looking for a good iPod solution or a roof screen for their children!

Audiophiles are people whom we love to talk to. Research shows that the average person spends more time listening to music in their car than they do anywhere else! Therefore, it makes sense to have the best sounding system in your car. We work with a select group of car audio brands that are recognised for being at the very pinnacle of their industry for superb sound quality and staging reproduction.

Stereo Upgrades

The main part of any vehicles entertainment system is the ‘stereo’ therefore choosing the right system is imperative to ensure that all the features you want to use can be played.

The choices in style of car stereo are four different brackets: • Single din standard stereo – these now can have a small screen • Single Din flip out Screen – often now touch screen and about 7” of viewable area • Double Din – becoming more popular due to the size more features can be added

There are many things to explore when choosing a new stereo where the experience of AGI Mobile can really help.

Here is a short list of features to consider which you may want: • Sat Nav • DVD • Digital Radio • USB input • iPod control • Other video inputs – perhaps a games system or reversing camera… or both • Other video outputs – other screens around the vehicle • Audio outputs – for amps and of so how many • Bluetooth – Enables you mobile phone to be answered legally


Speaker Upgrades

There is something beautiful about hearing a track exactly as it was meant to be heard. We at AGI Mobile understand the difference between hearing a track in a car and then hearing a track as if the stage was right in front of you.

You spend more time listening to music in your vehicle than you probably do anywhere else, so isn’t it imperative that when you do listen it is delivered with crystal clarity. One place where almost every vehicle is lacking is in the lower range or the audio spectrum, or bass. It is a fact that most cars are not playing 30% of a tracks music because there is insufficient bass response.

Having a speaker upgrade is often on eof the best modifications you will ever make to your vehicle arriving to destinations no longer hassled but relaxed and refreshed as you have listened to tracks with hidden depth that you had never known was there.

Please speak to one of our staff team so they can advise you on the best range to suit your taste.

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Apps, navigation, multimedia and hands-free calling
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