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There has been a huge growth in the number of people installing screens in their vehicles for entertainment and information. This could be from a flip out DVD Sat Nav system through to a multi screened system with different sources for each screen allowing the front of the vehicle to have satnav information whilst the rear occupants can watch a DVD or play on a games system… All at the same time!

AGI mobile can advise on what solution will fit your needs from headrest conversions to roof mounted, all in one DVD, satnav systems to separates.

We can fit systems which can allow the DVD to play through all the vehicles sounds system or so that it plays through wireless headphones. We can even install it so that you decide which way you want to play the audio... this is useful when transformers are on their fourth repeat!

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Rosen Z8 Roof mounted DVD player CAMBRIDGESHIRE
Roof mounted DVD player
Rosen Z10 DVD Player roof mount CAMBRIDGESHIRE
DVD Player roof mount
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