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• Vehicle CCTV, Reversing Cameras & Alarms, Back scan, side scan alarms. We also offer a comprehensive Consultancy to assist in sourcing the correct solutions for your Fleet.

• An extensive range of both high end and budget reversing camera systems for all kinds of visibility. Our reversing camera systems can perform a variety of applications on commercial vehicles and mobile plant.


Monitoring what happens inside the vehicle, on entry and exit, as well as externally for rear, front or side-views to prevent accidents and record incidents. Digital video recordings can be made all the time the vehicle is running, or only for a pre-set period on activation of a wide range of triggers such as; door opening and closing, panic button, turn indicator or motion detection.


To monitor loading and unloading, providing the driver with forward, side and reverse view. To aid in the instance of a traffic accident. Recording such incidents can simplify insurance claims reducing knock for knock settlements. Theft and ‘shrinkage’ can also be greatly reduced.

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ParkSafe SW008 8 Channel DVR - Hard drive - GPS 8 Channel DVR  Hard drive  GPS CAMBRIDGESHIRE
8 Channel DVR - Hard drive - GPS
ParkSafe SW004 4 Channel DVR - Hard drive - GPS  4 Channel DVR  Hard drive  GPS  CAMBRIDGESHIRE
4 Channel DVR - Hard drive - GPS
ParkSafe ps7006c102 7
7" Mirror Mount Monitor WIth 2 x C10 Cameras
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